Tie Downs, with cam-buckle and S-hooks

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Tie Downs, with cam-buckle and S-hooks

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Обычная цена: 12,96 £

Special Price 11,41 £

Motoprofessional Tie Downs, Length 1,80 M, With Cam-Buckle And S-Hooks, Load-Strength: 180 Kg/Strap; Break-Strength: 550 Kg/Strap, Pair

Part Number: CCE-888222


Tie Downs, with cam-buckle and S-hooks

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Артикул (SKU) CCE-888222
Вес Н/Д
Unit of Measure Н/Д
Design Configuration Н/Д
Color Н/Д
OEM Number Н/Д
Тип товара Н/Д
Model Name Н/Д
partnumber Н/Д
OEM Number Н/Д
Driver Seat Width Н/Д
Driver Seat Length Н/Д
Fill Material Н/Д
Overall Seat Length Н/Д
Front Dimension Н/Д
Rear Dimension Н/Д
Fitment Notes Н/Д
Backrest Н/Д
Passenger Seat Width Н/Д
Длина Н/Д
Ширина Н/Д

There is currently no fitment information available for this part online, please call (+44) 01704 541 450 for more information.

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